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We must champion egalitarian devolution

David Cameron intends to put ‘people in charge’. From free schools and ‘John Lewis models’ for services, to abolishing 'townhall fatcats' and quangos, he is determined to scrap what he sees as crippling state structures. But as the ‘big society’...

The Beveridge Report: Eight lessons for today

The Beveridge Report, the inspiration for post-1945 social security, is the obvious place to start when considering common ground between the political thinking of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Grounded in decades of Fabian research, writing and argument the post-war...

Age-old lessons

If the polls are to be believed, cutting welfare is very popular.

YouGov reports that fewer than a third of Labour voters and just 3 per cent of Conservatives oppose it. This places the left in a terrible bind, not least because the public...

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