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Support system

The left needs to stop lecturing British Muslim women, writes Shaista Aziz
Post-Brexit, hate crime has soared. But while the political discourse around austerity, immigration and the refugee crisis has created an environment where growing numbers of people seem to feel...

Power to the people

If we want to show how Labour can make a lasting difference to lives, we need to look to the local
We know the power of people because we see it every day in our own communities. But too often people...

Let us build

Council housing was once a force for good in our communities - and it can be again

I grew up in council housing in south London in the 1960s and 70s. I will always be grateful to Southwark Council for providing...

Building a more socially integrated society

Think tanks from the right and left of politics spend a lot of their time arguing with each other. But there is plenty we agree on too, and the need for social mixing and a shared common life is something that...

Without frontiers

There is an opportunity to give the arts new meaning for local communities, writes Lois Stonock.
Museums, theatres, radio stations, artists, administrators, thinkers and creatives are just a few of the places and people that fall into a sector called ’the...

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