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Social, inclusive and collaborative: a new model for education

Is it called higher education because it is literally beyond the reach of some?

The UK rightly prides itself on a world class higher education system, a system which attracts admiration, and overseas students, from around the world. A system built...

Green Labour

The environment and citizenship programme is one that tries to grapple with what I think can be summed up by two central questions:

Firstly, how can we keep the environment on the agenda at a time of economic insecurity and uncertainty?

Spending Wisely

Today the Fabian Society publishes the first report of our Commission on Future Spending Choices, a year-long inquiry into the spending choices which will face whatever government comes to power in 2015. We set up the commission at a time...

Beyond apology

Labour’s masochism strategy has us trapped picking over the bones of our past when we should be talking about the country’s future. In arguing that things the last Labour government actually got right we got wrong, we seem intent on...

Why Osborne is announcing more cuts today

Why is the Chancellor announcing cuts today at all? Figures released by the OBR show why. Despite spending cuts weak growth has meant that from 2011-12 the deficit has barely moved, throwing the government’s strategy way off course.
The deficit fell...

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