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Seven things I have learned about addressing inequality in schools

1. There is a causal link between poverty and educational underachievement. The fact that some children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds have remarkable achievements should not disguise this - it is so well researched and so well documented that it...

Miliband must reset the objectives of economic policy

Ed Miliband was right when he said an incoming Labour government’s top priority must be to tackle inequality, raise living standards and guarantee fair shares of growth. Now he has to convince voters that Labour has bold policies to deliver...

200 days to change Britain

This May’s general election is set to be the most important in my lifetime. Not because it looks likely to be the closest, but because there has rarely been such stark differences between the two main parties.

On the one hand,...

In It Together: Labour's new relationship with business

There are good reasons why a new approach to business - where concerns around economic long-termism, public health, environmental sustainability and strong local communities become integral to a profitable British business model - should appeal to both the political instincts...

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