The project comprised of several core themes and publications:

  • The Winter 2014 Fabian Review ‘Campaign of Silence’ feature, with essays from Martin O’Neill, Charles Clarke, Zoe Williams, Philip Collins, Sonia Sodha and Ann Pettifor;
  • Values Added: Rethinking tax for the 21st Century, published in February 2015, exploring the relationship between values and tax reform, with essays from Alan Finlayson, Fran Bennett, Martin O’Neill, Michael Izza and Andrew Gambier, Laura Wilkes and Suzanne Hall;
  • A second edited collection exploring specific options for reform, to be published after May 2015;
  • Original qualitative research exploring public attitudes to tax, to be published after May 2015.

Articles and Publications

Fabian Review

Values Added

In a crucial election year, tax is on the agenda for both the Conservatives and Labour. But inevitably the campaign conversation crowds out the bigger questions about why tax matters and whether our system is fit for purpose.

Other tax articles