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AGM 2022 business

Business of the Fabian Society annual general meeting, taking place at 3.30pm to 4.30pm, Saturday 5th November 2022



1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the 2021 AGM

3. Matters arising

4. In memoriam

5. Chair’s report

6. General secretary’s report

7. Reports from Fabian sections

8. Treasurer’s report

9. Approval of annual report 2020/21

10. Appointment of auditors

11. Motions

12. Jenny Jeger prize for writing

13. Date of next AGM

14. Any other business



Rule changes proposed by the executive committee

Rule 9

Replace the first paragraph with:

The executive committee shall be elected as provided in rule 12 and comprise:
(a) the honorary treasurer
(b) six ordinary members
(c) four members who shall be Westminster politicians
(d) four members who shall be non-Westminster politicians
(e) one member elected to represent and convene local Fabian societies
(f) one member who shall be appointed by the Scottish Fabians executive and one member appointed by the Welsh Fabians executive (subject to the provisions of rule 12);
(g) one member who shall be an employee of the Society and who shall be elected to hold office for one year by the employees excluding the General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary who may neither stand nor vote;
(h) one member who shall be appointed by the Young Fabian executive;
(i) one member who shall be appointed by the Fabian Women’s Network executive;
(j) members co-opted by the executive committee provided that the membership of the committee does not at any time exceed 22 in number.

Rule 12

Replace the first two paragraphs with:

Before every second annual meeting (in odd-numbered years), the society shall elect by ballot the following positions, to hold office for two years:
(a) an honorary treasurer
(b) six ordinary members of the executive committee
(c) four Westminster politicians
(d) four non-Westminster politicians

Nominations for these shall be invited from national members and fully paid-up members of local societies whose names have been received one month before voting commences. At least two of the ordinary members elected shall be under 31 years of age on the date of the forthcoming annual general meeting, provided that two such members are duly nominated. If only one such member is duly nominated, that member shall be elected. The category of Westminster politicians shall consist of members of the House of Commons and House of Lords. Members eligible to stand in this category are ineligible to stand as ordinary members of the committee. The category of non-Westminster politicians shall consist of one elected Scottish politician, one elected Welsh politician, one elected English regional politician, and one elected local government councillor (who shall represent and convene members of the society who are councillors).

The society shall also elect by ballot one member of the executive committee to represent and convene local Fabian societies. Nominations for this section shall be limited to currently affiliated local societies. Each candidate must be nominated by a local society which has satisfied itself that the candidate is an active member of that society. The member elected shall not be a Westminster politician.

Add a new final sentence:

The maximum duration of membership of the committee shall be eight consecutive years.

Rule 15


‘The concession rate for under-23s, students, low-income pensioners and people receiving out of work benefits shall be’


‘The concession rate for members who have not reached their 26th birthday, students, low-income pensioners and people living in
households with no earnings or low earnings shall be’

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