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Our team of researchers and policy experts work with partners to deliver evidence-based policy recommendations that are progressive, realistic, and actionable.

ANDREW HARROP, general secretary

Research areas: ageing, the economy, education and skills, government, health and social care, housing, the Labour party, labour markets, pensions, poverty and inequality, public services, social security, taxation, UK politics

Andrew has been general secretary of the Fabian Society since Autumn 2011 and in that time has led the society’s research on economic and social policy as well as the future of the British left. In 2022-23 he led a project reporting to the Labour party on the roadmap to a National Care Service. He was previously director of policy and public affairs for Age UK and before that was head of policy at Age Concern England, and a researcher for the New Policy Institute and a backbench Labour MP.

LUKE RAIKES, deputy general secretary

Research areas: regional economies and inequalities, devolution, productivity, the economy, industrial strategy, employment rights, employment support, transport and political strategy.

Luke previously led IPPR North’s research on the regional economies and devolution, and he has also published work on skills, employment support, industrial strategy and transport. Prior to this he worked at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Luke was also a Labour councillor on Manchester City Council from 2012-2023.

BEN COOPER, research manager

Research areas: election strategy, housing, rural and coastal policy, education, early years, culture, and disability policy.

Ben joined the Fabian Society in 2018. Since joining the Fabians, Ben has led research on older, rural and costal voters, early years, education, housing, and culture funding. In 2022, Ben was selected by MHP Group as one of the ’30 to Watch Politics’ award for under-30s.

Ben is also a trustee for a charity supporting people with complex disabilities and is chair of the Co-op Party’s (dis)Ability Network. He previously worked for a Labour MP.

SASJKIA OTTO, senior researcher

Research areas: labour markets, skills, poverty in later years, digital, data and technology, infrastructure, competition.

Sasjkia joined the Fabian Society in 2022 from the civil service, where she led policies to tackle digital divides and tech platform power, working across Whitehall and internationally. Before joining the civil service, she advised blue chip companies on topics including the economy, labour markets, consumer affairs, climate change, health and equalities. She is the founder of a democracy-building nonprofit and served as trustee for a charity tackling poverty and isolation.

ELOISE SACARES, researcher

Research areas: environment and climate, higher education, equalities policy.

Eloise joined the Fabians in December 2021 as Events and Digital Assistant, before moving to the research team. Eloise graduated in 2021 from the University of Bath with a degree in politics with economics. Alongside her degree she volunteered for Bath’s student union and worked as online deputy editor for Bath Time Magazine.

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