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What is progressive politics for, if not re-distribution?

29 August 2012

In a finite world with finite resources, surely the only concept of fairness that really matters is one of equitable distribution of those resources and the incomes that lay claim to those resources. If resources were infinite, one could imagine a...

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For the Public Good: Our vision for public services

23 August 2012

Under the guise of ‘reform’, this government is making sweeping changes to our public services. David Cameron says that state structures will be dismantled, “brick by brick” and will no longer be the default provider of public services. In the...

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The Fair Society

22 August 2012

It’s encouraging to see that fairness is back on the political agenda. Until recently, it might have looked to some observers as though there were only two sets of questions across which political lines were drawn. Questions, first, about how...

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The fairness and responsibility series

22 August 2012

Over the next few weeks we will be running a number of blogs following on from talks at the AHRC Fairness and Responsibility in an Unequal Society Conference, which took place on the 28th June 2012 at the University of...

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The folly of Osbornomics

21 August 2012

Over the weekend it was reported that Iain Duncan Smith had complained to the BBC, accusing them of following Ed Miliband and Ed Balls's “reading of the economy”. In a particularly lurid image, the Secretary of State for Work and...

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The Fabian Society today

20 August 2012

A recent survey of the Fabian membership is a reminder of the Society’s place as the British left’s most plural and open intellectual tradition, discovers Georgia Hussey The cartoon of a stereotypical British politician would always depict an upper class,...

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