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Jobs for the boys

3 April 2012

The preoccupation of both Tory strategists and Labour feminists with women voters can’t disguise Labour’s challenge: we’ve got man trouble. Reversing the historic Tory lead with women was, of course, crucial to New Labour’s political project: a party cannot be a...

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Achieving a progressive majority

3 April 2012

Labour’s route back to power lies in coalition with other parties that share our values. This piece was first published in Spring 2012 edition of the Fabian Review An alliance between Labour and the Liberal Democrats; who on earth, after their treachery,...

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Allow organisers to organise...

3 April 2012

Election night in 2010 was full of surprises. The defeat itself was not one of them; the steady loss of Labour support since the fateful ‘election that never was’ in 2007 became a torrent by 2009 from which it was...

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Age-old lessons

3 April 2012

If the polls are to be believed, cutting welfare is very popular. YouGov reports that fewer than a third of Labour voters and just 3 per cent of Conservatives oppose it. This places the left in a terrible bind, not least because the public...

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Jonathan Rutherford reviews Richard Sennett's 'Together'

2 April 2012

Richard Sennett’s new book is a study of the practice of co-operation. It is the second of three in what he calls his ‘homo faber’ project – the idea of human beings as the makers of their own destiny through...

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Britain's Oldest Think Tank

31 March 2012

The Fabian Society was founded in 1884 and throughout it's long history has been at the heart of debate on the left of British politics. As part of our new website, we're hoping to feature some of the history of the...

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