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March 2019 

A basic income is feasible and affordable, Open Democracy, 18/03/2019
Letters: Shamima Begum – what happened to our compassion?,
The Guardian, 17/03/2019
Things can only get (a little bit) better
Morning Star, 14/03/2019
UK Treasury’s pick of minimum wage advocate is a signal, say economists, Financial Times, 13/03/2019
A brief history of the Labour Party,
BBC History Magazine, 13/03/2019
UK may be running out of road, veteran Labour MEP says
The Scotsman, 10/03/2019
Death of the high street: how it feels to lose your job when a big chain closes, The Guardian, 06/03/2019
“I’ve been through a divorce. I know what divorces are like”: Mike Gapes on the pain of leaving Labour, New Statesman, 01/03/2019

February 2019

MPs on Twitter: From Jeremy Corbyn to Jacob Rees-Mogg, a look back at leading MPs’ very first tweets, Yahoo! News, 24/02/2019
Our society’s future mental health must be at the heart of our political decisions today, LabourList, 22/02/2019
Tom Watson says Independent Group MPs who quit Labour aren’t ‘traitors’, The Mirror, 19/02/2019
Brexit vote: Keir Starmer says Labour will back Yvette Cooper amendment again despite previous party rebellion, iNews, 13/02/2019
How the German left is looking to Jeremy Corbyn for inspiration, New Statesman, 11/02/2019
Labour cannot ride the Brexit wave to socialism, it must fight the nationalist right, New Statesman, 11/02/2019
I talked to my constituents about Brexit. This is what I learnt, New Statesman, 8/2/2019

January 2019

How the Fabians and Community are working to prepare people for automation, LabourList, 31/01/2019
With just a dash of flexibility, the Brexit endgame is in sight, City AM, 29/01/2019
Why A People’s Vote Needs To Be For All, Huffington Post, 28/01/2019
Public contempt for politicians is increasingly mutual, The New European, 26/01/2019
After a decade of austerity, Hartlepool is looking to Preston for a new economic model, CityMetric, 25/01/2019
Let’s make mental health a priority in the changing world of work, LabourList, 25/01/2019
The Cooper plan: what is it and will it pass?, LabourList, 24/01/2019
I want to see a world where people can be as open about their mental health as they are about their physical health, Times Red Box, 22/01/2019
The role of the government and employers in creating mentally healthy workplaces, Mental Health Today, 21/01/2019
In the near future, computers will decide who get a job and who deserves promotion, Birmingham Mail, 21/01/2019
May snubs compromise as Labour moves to “third phase” of Brexit policy, LabourList, 21/01/2019
Brexit news LIVE: Theresa May to speak before Commons as PM desperately attempts to seek majority for Withdrawal Agreement, Evening Standard, 21/01/2019
Brexit news LIVE: Downing Street says backbencher attempts to derail Brexit ”extremely concerning”, Evening Standard, 20/09/2019
Corbyn expected to back move to block no-deal Brexit, The Guardian, 20/01/2019
Don’t mention Jeremy Corbyn at Fabian fudge-fest, The Sunday Times, 20/01/2019
“Fear under the Tories, or hope with Labour” Tom Watson’s speech at Fabian conference, LabourList, 19/01/2019
Keir Starmer: Labour must not rule out backing second EU referendum, PoliticsHome, 19/01/2019
SNP warns May must “fundamentally change position” to solve Brexit, The Scotsman, 19/01/2019
Defiant John Bercow “set to stay as speaker”, The Guardian, 19/01/2019
Far from a “coup”, this democratic step could give the people a Final Say on Brexit, The Independent, 19/01/2019
Brexit news latest: Keir Starmer says Labour is closer to backing a second referendum, Evening Standard, 19/01/2019
What we learnt from Keir Starmer’s Brexit speech today, LabourList, 19/01/2019
LATEST: Labour Must Not Rule Out Second EU Referendum, Shadow Brexit Secretary Says, Huffington Post, 19/01/2019
Brexit: Labour ”must keep open” option of second referendum, The Guardian, 19/01/2019
A second EU referendum must remain an option, says shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer, iNews, 19/01/2019
Brexit: Labour must not rule out second referendum, says Starmer, Irish Times, 19/01/2019
Labour ”will push for second referendum” if it doesn’t get general election, Metro, 19/01/2019
Keir Starmer says Labour is closer to backing a new Brexit referendum, Business Insider, 19/01/2019
Sir Keir Starmer adds to pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to back a second EU referendum, Sky News, 19/01/2019
Sir Keir Starmer: Open and frank debate needed to break Brexit deadlock, Sky News, 19/01/2019
Brexit: Theresa May has “no chance” of getting her deal through parliament, Keir Starmer says, The Independent, 19/01/2019
Sir Keir Starmer calls for “open debate” to break the Brexit deadlock, ITV, 19/01/2019
“A public vote has to be an option for Labour” Keir Starmer’s Brexit speech at Fabian conference, LabourList, 19/01/2019
Keir Starmer says ”public vote has to be an option” for Labour, ITV, 19/01/2019
Brexit news latest: Labour slams May for offering country ”false hope” and calls for ”open and frank” debate, Evening Standard, 19/01/2019
To have an ethical foreign policy, Labour must lead renewal of Responsibility to Protect, LabourList, 19/01/2019
Alf Dubs: We cannot allow the far right to exploit refugee and migration issues here, LabourList, 18/01/2019
Coastal Corbynomics? How Hartlepool is chasing Preston’s new economic model, New Statesman, 18/01/2019
Brexit and beyond: Starmer, Watson and Thornberry at Fabian conference, LabourList, 18/01/2019
Let’s use progressive politics to build an economy for the people, by the people, LabourList, 17/01/2019
Primary schools lament decline in arts provision, Arts Professional, 17/01/2019
How Brexit means we need to think about AI and data handling, LabourList, 14/01/2019
Popcorn and plies…ballet turns to cinemas to get children dancing, The Guardian, 12/01/2019
Teacher survey reveals “shocking decline” in arts education for primary school pupils, Arts Professional, 11/01/2019
News diary 14-20 January: MPs to finally vote on PM’s Brexit withdrawal agreement and Australian Open begins, Press Gazette, 11/01/2019
”Dramatic decline” in quantity and quality of arts in primaries, Times Education Supplement, 11/09/2019
Huge decline in arts education since 2010, FE News, 11/09/2019
“We fight for every penny”: teachers say not enough resources for arts education, The Guardian, 11/09/2019
Andrew Harrop: Labour must move on from its six tests, then take these steps, LabourList, 10/01/2019
On this day: January 4, Metro, 04/01/2019
Your morning briefing: What you should know for Friday, January 4, Evening Standard, 04/01/2019

December 2018

Robots are taking over Liverpool’s jobs – here’s why it’s not all bad news, Liverpool Echo, 28/12/2018
Critical tradition, Red Pepper, 23/12/2018
Hartlepool is One Town that Can Improve Adult Literacy and Numeracy, FE News, 20/12/2018
Why we’re launching the Labour Homelessness Campaign, LabourList, 18/12/2018
Theresa May’s Brexit deal poses a threat to human rights – We aren’t talking about this enough, The Independent, 18/12/2018
The New Statesman’s A to Z of the political year, New Statesman, 05/12/2018
Private schools are ”damaging” Bristol, blasts city MP, Bristol Post, 04/12/2018

November 2018

Why national identity matters, Left Foot Forward, 27/11/2018
Annie Besant, the first woman to endorse birth control, Irish Times, 27/11/2018
UN envoy is correct to call for greater social rights protections in the UK, says former rapporteur, The Conversation, 16/11/2018
Lord Bach: It is high time to return to a fair and truly just system of access to justice, PoliticsHome, 15/11/2018
Armistice Day is a cause for celebration as well as remembrance, Evening Standard, 09/11/2018
The tightrope of Brexit and class appeal: can Corbyn make it?, Open Democracy, 05/11/2018

October 2018

Budget 2018: how the personal tax allowance changes will affect you, iNews, 29/10/2018
Pauline Bryan: “I’m not interested in wining and dining. I’m here to help get Labour into power”, Politics Home, 29/10/2018
Government should ditch austerity and boost growth, Economia, 23/10/2018
Accountancy body urges chancellor to end austerity in budget, The Guardian, 23/10/2018
Tracy Brabin: Growing up in the 2020s. Here’s what it would look like under Labour, LabourList, 18/10/2018
Endless Brexit hurdles should prompt talks rethink, say MEPs, The Parliament Magazine, 15/10/2018
Only 4% of voters want UK to have ”cold and distant” relationship with EU after Brexit, poll finds, The Independent, 12/10/2018
Britons still want a good relationship with the EU after Brexit, reveals Fabian Society study, Mirror, 11/10/2018
Ten Typical Days in Trump’s America, London Review of Books, 05/10/2018
Dan Jarvis: How Labour should develop its National Education Service, LabourList, 04/10/2018

September 2018

Toynbee Hall inspired Beveridge and introduced Lenin to muffins. But it is not a place of the past, The Independent, 30/09/2018
Andrew Harrop: Is Labour ready to govern? Here’s what Corbyn must do, LabourList, 29/09/2018
The undemocratic tide in Britain is real – how Labour reacts is crucial, Open Democracy, 27/09/2018
The long read: the merit trap, New Internationalist, 27/09/2018
”A National Education Service is good in principle”, Times Education Supplement, 26/09/2018
The evils of identity politics, New Statesman, 26/09/2018
Why financial inclusion is key for Labour’s shared prosperity agenda, Times Red Box, 25/09/2018
Shadow Minister: Labour must clamp down on tech giants and inequality to avert ‘dystopia’, Left Foot Forward, 25/09/2018
Labour’s conference, day three: The Spectator guide, Spectator, 25/09/2018
The path to a fairer economy should have culture and art at its heart, City AM, 24/09/2018
New: Labour losing support in “most strongly working-class” seats, Prospect, 23/09/2018
Labour conference 2018: pick of Sunday’s fringe events, Politics Home, 22/09/2018
Cities are now Labour heartland, with working-class turning away, The Guardian, 22/09/2018
Labour Party Conference 2018: Agenda, timetable and what to expect from the four-day Liverpool bash, Mirror, 20/09/2018
How the decline of the working class made Labour a party of the bourgeois left, New Statesman, 19/09/2018
The World Transformed represents radical new territory for British Labour, Open Democracy, 19/09/2018
The Labour Party is for change, not protests. That’s why we cherish local government, LabourList, 18/09/2018
Robots in workplace ”could create double the jobs they destroy”, The Guardian, 18/09/2018
How demystifying parliament could make it more accessible, Left Foot Forward, 14/09/2018
Internationalism after Empire, New Internationalist, 13/09/2018
EXCLUSIVE: John Bercow on pairing, Private Members’ Bills and whether he’ll stay on, Left Foot Forward, 13/09/2018
These scandals show Parliament is broken: now MPs are pushing for an overhaul, Left Foot Forward, 13/09/2018
“We’re impatient for change”: the latest intake of Labour MPs fighting to modernise parliament, LabourList, 12/09/2018
Ellie Reeves: Parliament must become a family-friendly workplace, LabourList, 12/09/2018
Answering the urgent need to reform the mother of parliaments, Times Red Box, 12/09/2018
Will champagne socialists soon be all Labour has left?, Tatler, 11/09/2018
Labour must fight for legal aid before it is too late, LabourList, 10/09/2018
Pope Francis and George Bernard Shaw: cut from the same cloth, Irish Times, 08/09/2018

August 2018

The practical response to our society’s widening inequality? A partial basic income, Left Foot Forward, 30/08/2018
The only way to end the class divide: the case for abolishing private schools, The Guardian, 24/08/2018
The economics that came in from the cold, Red Pepper, 24/08/2018
Cross-party thinking on future pension reform revealed, FT Adviser, 24/08/2018
Yes, The Left Stole Liberalism And Sold Out The West, The Libertarian Alliance, 24/08/2018
Man versus machine: Why it’s a good thing that AI will take your job, City AM, 09/08/2018
Universal basic income won’t solve the problem of automation, LabourList, 09/08/2018
How the neoliberal dream became the reality of Thatcherism, The Ecologist, 09/08/2018
Labour can’t ignore automation: the party must listen to workers, LabourList, 07/08/2018
Workers fear losing their jobs to AI, Human Resources Magazine, 07/08/2018
Workers and Technology: Digital revolution, jobs changing faster than ever, FE News, 06/08/2018
Rise of the robots as millions of workers fear machines will rob them of their jobs, survey shows, Mirror, 06/08/2018
MP lead commission into technology’s impact on workers, Economia, 06/08/2018
Automation could destroy millions of jobs. We have to deal with it now, The Guardian, 06/08/2018
Monday briefing: Virgin awarded nearly £2bn in NHS contracts, The Guardian, 06/08/2018
More than 6m workers fear being replaced by machines, report, The Guardian, 06/08/2018
A generational contract: the renewed case for votes at 16, LabourList, 04/08/2018
Andrew Harrop: Tory divisions are making a people’s vote more likely, LabourList, 03/08/2018
Solving the housing market doesn’t have to be a zero-sum issue, Left Foot Forward, 01/08/2018
Conflict or co-existence: Corbyn must decide, Labour Uncut, 02/08/2018

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