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Young Fabian election candidates


There are 41 candidates standing for Young Fabian executive committee, listed below alphabetically by surname. Every Young Fabian who is eligible to vote will receive a ballot via email. The election period runs from 22 April-6 May 2024.

Yusuf Amin

I’m Yusuf and I’m running to be on your Young Fabian Executive Committee. Our generation holds immense power to shape the future, and the Young Fabians are at the forefront of progressive policy innovation.   

On the executive committee, I would aim to:   

  • Expand our blog and our Anticipations publication, amplifying our opinion to the Fabian Society and senior Labour Party leadership. 
  • Provide more support for University YF branches. 
  • Create greater writing opportunities for our members. 
  • Reinvigorate our BAME and Women’s advocacy groups. 
  • Relaunch the YF mentoring programme, so that our members gain a better pathway into politics and policy.

Shriya Bajpai

I will prioritise inclusion and upliftment.    

I hope to platform your voices and facilitate your endeavours – helping you flagship programs, events and policy research & pamphlets.   

I believe it is integral to upskill, equip and amplify future policy makers, and I hope for the opportunity to work towards grounding this belief through Young Fabians.   

My experience as the Director of The Young European Movement, and their Head of Communications and PR, paired with my Policy Research and Analysis skills reflected in my academic career   demonstrate my commitment and interests.

Joshua Balabanoff

Much like the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise, the Conservative government will not go quietly, churning out sequels that no one asked for, miring once popular figures in scandal and revolving around uninteresting and increasingly implausible drama.   

We Fabians will be the engaging alternative! No more cliquey grey men; if we can only be a tiny bit hip, a smidge more cool, entirely more accessible and exist outside of London, it will go a long way towards engaging more young people (voters) in politics. We’ll deliver the dream- a Labour majority 🙂

Will Barber Taylor

The Young Fabians has faced a series of difficulties over the past 18 months. Despite those difficulties, the Fabian Society and the Young Fabians have I believe a valuable contribution to make to the future of social democracy in Britain and to the next Labour government. I believe my experience both in the Young Fabians and outside it, working for Generation Rent and my time as Deputy Director of the Centre think tank place, give me the skills required to help ensure that the Young Fabians is relaunched with a clear mission to enhance young people’s experience of politics. 

Harry Burden

My name is Harry Burden: born in Huntingdon and raised in St. Neots/Bedford. I first joined Labour in 2015 at the age of eighteen and, between two university degrees, have sought to support the left-wing cause through activism, freelance work as a writer on left-wing topics, and volunteering work for the homeless. I believe that effective progressive change will stem from grassroots mobilisation across the country, critical expression and the support of one another to realise our collective goals. If selected, I hope to secure these essential features of democracy for the benefit of our organisation.

Sam Charlesworth

I’ll offer a fresh voice for Young Fabians. I’ll work to reconstruct our group under a new structure that promotes safety, accountability, and accessibility in policymaking for young people. Under a constitutional review, I’ll prioritise a strong bedrock on which we can be vigilant about our members safety and go further to create opportunities and rebuild our networks. We stand to be an impactful organisation, for our members, for the Fabian Society, and for the next Labour government. To achieve this, we must reinspire confidence in our group and build a renewed organisation, ready to stand and speak.

Tom Chatfield

Throughout my participation in the Young Fabians over the past two years I have a clear understanding of both the problems it faces and the great potential it has that these problems hinder. However, through the skills I have learnt from my previous experience volunteering in the office of Peter Kyle MP, working as political assistant at Brighton and Hove Council and through my time as chair of Brighton and Hove Young Labour I believe I can help unlock the Young Fabian’s potential.  

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me on X at @tomchatfield18.

Patrick Cook

I am running to make the Young Fabians a fun, inclusive and welcoming organisation – the #1 place for young people on the left. I will guarantee support for those from underrepresented backgrounds, expand our focus outside of London, and offer our members exciting training and opportunities.  

Getting involved in the Young Fabians over the last two years has been transformative for me, but there have been serious underlying cultural issues. With transparent and fair leadership, and a fresh start, we can take the Young Fabians in a new and exciting direction.  

Ishaan Alex Dalal

I am standing for election for a seat on YF’s Executive Committee to collaborate with fellow young progressives and propose innovative policies as we approach a potentially transformative election. As a Senior Analyst in the Foreign Office, I have demonstrable experience informing foreign policy through robust analysis and I hope to contribute these skills to YF’s policy incubation. I envision YF leading the application of socialist principles to foreign policy, particularly at a time where original ideas and solutions are needed more than ever. I hope to work with you to intensify YF’s search for new, innovative foreign policy solutions.

Krish Daryanani

A first year Politics student at the University of Liverpool and victim of racial abuse, I am the biggest champion of equality and accountability. No role, gender or colour should make one feel or act superior. The recent panel report has shown us that the Young Fabians need great reform, delivering this in a manner that prioritises recommending good policy to Labour rather than political profiling is paramount.  

My four priorities: 

  • Minorities Fund 
  • Mentoring Programs for BAME & Disabled Members 
  • Committee on the Prevention of Power Abuse (CPPA) 
  • Delegation of Policymaking for Recommendations to Wider Members

Jasper Davis

I want to restart the YF together on the best possible footing. My experience leading an executive committee at university taught me valuable lessons in successful collaborative work and gave me experience of re-shaping an organisation’s internal culture and improving safeguarding protocols. If elected, I promise thoughtful, effective active bystander training for members, and I would initiate a skills training programme to get young people involved in YF policy writing. I would improve engagement outside of London, promising at least one non-London major annual event. In re-imagining YF processes, I would prioritise equality, diversity and the inclusion of marginalised voices. 

Harry Dunn

Hi! I’m Harry, a penultimate year medical student from Suffolk. If elected my priorities would be: 

  • Inclusivity: Set a goal for the YF membership to be its most active and diverse ever, creating a new section on the website dedicated to getting new members involved.  
  • Pragmatism: Shift towards a ‘commissioner style’ of research, whereby a senior politician identifies a specific area they would like us to investigate, and then champions any findings.   
  • Accountability: Advocate for an Accountability Officer on the YF committee, who would monitor the progress of networks’ committees on the goals they set out when running for election. 

Jacob Dyke

I’m Jacob, a University of Birmingham student from the West Midlands, running for the Young Fabian Executive Committee. My goal is simple: empower youth nationwide, especially in overlooked regions like ours. I’ll expand Fabian societies in universities, strengthen ties with Labour students and Young Labour, and champion the rights of care-experienced youth. Having faced the challenges of growing up in the system, I’m committed to amplifying their voices. Let’s reshape the narrative and ensure every young person’s voice is heard and valued.

Connor Escudero

As the son of an immigrant, having lived in a council estate my whole life, the Young Fabians has massively supported me in accessing political institutions that usually wouldn’t have been available for people like me. I want to help others do this too. Through chairing our Economy network, I’ve endeavoured to equip people with the confidence to get involved with policy and made it an inclusive, safe group. I’m pledging to make the YF an accessible space for those from underrepresented backgrounds, offer members training, and mobilise our membership across the UK.

Ed Selkirk Ford

If elected, I will work tirelessly to rebuild much-needed trust between the executive, members, and the Fabian Society executive & staff to make the YF an effective and inclusive section that fulfils our vital role in enabling young people on the left to develop skills, connect with others, and work together to develop fresh ideas. I am committed to establishing a welcoming and inclusive environment, which benefits from vast range of experiences on offer, especially from those outside of policy-adjacent careers and with non-academic backgrounds. I will particularly work to connect those members who, like me, live outside of London.

Arthur Fyfe-Stoica

If elected, I will help shape YF to be an enabler for young people to break into policymaking no matter their background. With the next Labour government, the YF has a unique opportunity to give young people exposure to politics and influence decision-makers.   

We need a YF focused on events, policy workshops, publications, and campaigning at the forefront. I will organise access and events to Parliament for YF to engage meaningfully with MPs and Peers. I will also seek to create a travel fund for trips and to help campaign.    

I will strive for YF to be accessible and impactful.

Ryan Gallagher

From an early age I was taught that character counts, that obligation to others matters, and that standing up for what is right is a duty. It was these values which led me to the Labour Party and consequently to the Fabian tradition. I have campaigned up and down the UK for Labour and worked closely with our friends and partners in the EU and US on key policy issues to fight for positive change. Given the opportunity, I will play my part in making the Young Fabians a vehicle for progress, as we fight for positive change together. 

Olly Gough

Those of you who attended the Young Fabians relaunch meeting last month will know that there are many fresh new members keen to relaunch this organisation as an inclusive and tolerant space to champion diverse progressive voices. If elected, my main concern will be to fulfil this vision by steering the Young Fabians back towards our true purpose: political research and communication. By nurturing young researchers and providing platform for publication and policy networking, I will help the Young Fabians become an incubator for tomorrow’s thought leaders – ensuring that progressive policies of tomorrow are driven by individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life – not from small cliques. This was the vision of Beatrice Webb’s Fabian Research Department of 1912, which enlisted a diverse range of radical working-class men and women in the task of researching and publicising bold solutions to social problems. It is this unique tradition of serious progressive policy research that our organisation has bequeathed to the modern world, and it is one I promise to carry forward!

Adam Hanlon-Jahangeer

Build Back Better! After a brief hiatus, it’s time for the YF’s to get back on the horse.    

Let’s fully grasp the opportunities presented by this future Labour government, oppurtunities that only occur once in 25 years. Let’s create opportunity where it isn’t there yet.    

For that, we need a creative committee with graft to deliver opportunities for Young Fabians to have a tangible, wider impact.   

Whilst we joined the YF’s for the opportunities it provided us, it’s time to expand who is able to grasp those opportunities which necessitates a meaningful expansion in our diversity.

Patrick Hargreaves

Politics and policy should be about people – not individuals.    

We’ve failed ourselves, we’ve failed Labour and we’ve failed society by promoting personalities over policy.    

As someone who’s helped deliver reform on everything from Net Zero to reproductive health, I understand what’s good policy and what’s bad politics.    

YF should focus on recommendations and reform today, not burnishing credentials to land jobs tomorrow.    

I’d focus on YF on outcomes and impact, focusing on changes that improve the lives of the least fortunate.  

Through diligence and kindness, YF can be something people want to join, and delivers change our communities need to see.

Kashmire Hawker

It would be an honour to serve on Young Fabians Executive and helping to Rebuild YF.    

As West Midlands YF Chair in 2023, I got activity resumed after a lengthy hiatus and worked creatively with members across the UK.    

I want to ensure our work reflects YF’s diversity and which is accessible to everyone.    

And in being a Labour Election candidate since 2021, having worked in Culture, Sport, and Major Events and being an advocate for disabled people, I will bring strong experience and a fresh perspective.    

See more about me at and please Vote Kashmire Hawker for Executive. 

Lucy Healey

As an executive member driving positive progressive change will be my priority. With a background in grassroots activism and a passion for policy innovation, I bring dedication and fresh perspectives to the table. Being part of the Young Fabian’s mentoring programme, and experiencing the London Young Fabian’s network has shown me, as a community, what we are capable of. As a northern woman my focus will be on fostering inclusivity, amplifying diverse voices, and spearheading impactful initiatives that resonates with our generation. To deliver change we first have to be part of it; I believe our progressive venture sits at the heart of that.

Jonathan Heywood

I want to rebuild Young Fabians, to turn it into a vibrant policy forum well equipped to generate political thinking in the beginning of a Labour government. Over the last two years I have been Secretary of Labour Students. There, like in Young Fabians, we were rebuilding an organisation that had lapsed, and I want to use that experience in YF. I am also Vice Chair designate of the Fabians Economics and Finance group, from which position I am working to construct a coherent policy program centred around a new industrial strategy.

Kieran Hurwood

I am a final year LSE student, former Patchwork x Labour HQ intern, and a member of the Fabians for over a year now. I have not felt confident in participating in events till present, mainly because I don’t know many people already involved. I am passionate about the opportunity to get involved with policy research as someone from outside of London. My personal research interests are in devolution and local government, and the politics of place around the world. I’d mostly be interested in working to boost our operations outside of London so more diverse young voices are heard.

Rosanna Jackson

I am standing for election to the Young Fabians Executive Committee because I believe in the fundamental principles of democracy, socialism, and inclusivity.   

My priority for the Young Fabians is ensuring that individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds have equal opportunities to join and thrive in a safe, supportive environment.   

I’ve had great experiences with the Young Fabians, like the opportunity to represent them in Valencia with the Young European Socialists, and I want all young members to have those same unique chances too.   

Should I be elected, I will be committed to listening to our members and working towards a new era for the Young Fabians.

Jacob Kellagher

Hello! My name is Jacob, and I am running to be on your YF Exec. I’m an MSc Politics student at the LSE, and I also work in parliament for the Shadow Minister for Europe and North America. My specialism is in foreign policy, and I am very keen to develop YF’s international connections with other progressive youth organisations. I am also committed to launching an outreach drive to invite in and elevate new voices. Together, let’s build a Young Fabians that reflects the diversity and dynamism of our society, empowering every member to shape the future of progressive politics.

Joseph Kelen

What I’ll do:   

  1. Put on monthly, inclusive, socials. 
  2. Place YF at the heart of the Fabian Society’s policy contributions. 
  3. Organise a boat party.   

Who am I?   

  1. I’m an international human rights lawyer representing Lithuania and Ukraine. 
  2. I advise Labour on legal policy matters (like decriminalising abortion, and EU relations). 
  3. I’m a campaigner in High Wycombe and Finchley.   

Why me?  

  • I have a track record in building left-leaning networks and creating advocacy opportunities for Society of Labour Lawyers’ junior wing.   
  • But, essentially: I want to make YF fun again.   
  • I also make fantastic pancakes.  

Tom Laing 

Dear Member, 

As someone who works full time in co-operative policy and is a Councillor, I’ve been fortunate to benefit from the opportunities of the Young Fabians, following our suspension I want to play my part in rebuilding, bringing my experience of good governance to see us return to being the open democratic organisation we know we can be. 

I pledge to:  

  • Ensure the Young Fabians incorporates best practice for governance from similar organisations to ourselves.   
  • Ensure Young Fabian members are able to actively participate in how we restructure ourselves.   
  • Ensure Young Fabians refocuses on it’s primary purpose.

Jack Leader

To say the Young Fabians have had a difficult year would be an understatement. But that difficulty now provides us with the opportunity of charting a new, progressive course. As a part of the executive, that is the direction I will push for day in, day out. A direction towards further modernisation, to entrenched reforms, to new policy leadership on the left, and to reverse the tide of apathy engulfing so many young people today. Let’s together make sure this chance doesn’t go to waste.  

Scarlett Miller

In a busy election year, there is no place for a hostile and negative culture within the Young Fabian’s. The previous suspension of the youth wing highlights the need for a fresh approach, one that prioritises collaboration, diversity and mutual respect. I have the tools to deliver this, and I am committed to building a stronger youth wing. I have firsthand experience of how difficult it can be to break into politics if you come from a different background and I’m passionate about opening up opportunities for people who feel they don’t fit the traditional mould of a politician.  

Minnat Allah Mohammed

Being in the Young Fabians executive committee would be much more about you than it would me. My utmost priority is to ensure that every member feels like the Young Fabians is a safe community filled with friendship, discussion, and inspiration.   

As Vice Chair of the Newham Fabians, alongside my History and Politics degree at Cambridge, I am already using many of the skills I will need. I also volunteer for a range of organisations tackling social and gender inequality.   

I know I can make the Young Fabians something special to you, and I hope you can feel it too.

Shreya Nanda

I am an active member of the Young Fabians, and particularly the Economy & Finance network. I am passionate about getting more young people involved in policy and politics. In my professional life I am an economist working to make the case for progressive economic policy. I would love to use this experience to help improve YF’s policy work.   

As a member of the executive I will work hard to deliver on your priorities. I will work to hold more events outside London, widen participation for members from underrepresented backgrounds, and provide more training and networking opportunities for members.

Michael O’Connor

I’m standing for the Young Fabian committee as I’d like to contribute to making Young Fabians a home for sharp, relevant, and probing broad-church political thinking. I want to make Young Fabians open and inclusive for all.   

I’m presently a doctoral researcher in politics and a County Councillor on Oxfordshire County Council, where I served as Cabinet Member for Public Health and Inequalities. I’ve been Secretary of the Labour Group for two years now. This means I’ll be able to help ensure the committee functions smoothly and works for its members. I hope you’ll trust me with your vote! 

Alex Pascoe

As a Local Labour Organiser for Sheffield and Co-Chair of Sheffield Labour Students, I bring proven organisational skills and a commitment to progressive ideals. My experience navigating campaign challenges and revitalising a near-defunct university Labour society showcases my dedication to progressive causes. I’m passionate about amplifying youth voices within the Fabian Society and the left movement, fostering inclusive engagement whilst working with limited resources or other restrictions. With a track record of rebuilding organisations and upskilling new members, I am poised to drive positive change and ensure the Young Fabians are re-established at the forefront of progressive advocacy.

Francesca Reynolds

Three years ago I established my charity in response to my own experience of the dearth of political education in state-funded schools. Having since worked with 3,000+ students via my charity and many young professionals in my job at the Tony Blair Institute, one thing is evident – communities like the Young Fabians are vital for cultivating and supporting young people in politics. I’d now like to contribute to YF further by joining the executive.   

I would commit to:   

  • Organising multiple major events outside of London. 
  • ⁠Gathering data on diversity within membership/committees. 
  • ⁠Organise career development events.

Eloise Sacares

When I first started working in politics, YF provided me with a space to make connections with like-minded young people. If elected, I will work to attract new members from all backgrounds to the society through fun and engaging events and socials. I want YF to have a culture where harassment and discrimination are never tolerated, and I would work with the main Fabians to ensure that robust policies for this are in place. I will also work to ensure the Young Fabians remains a broad church for those from all sections of the party. 

Maham Saleem

Hello, I’m Maham! You may recognise me as last year’s tech network chair or from the London group, or you might not recognise me at all, in which case – hi! As an exec member, I’d want to ensure members get the most out of the YF experience and would look to implement the following initiatives: 

  • An onboarding programme for new members   
  • Sponsorship for both a travel fund and a more general fund for refreshments at YF events   
  • A clearly signposted complaints system   
  • In lieu of networks, an ideas pipeline – if you have an idea, share it and let’s make it happen!  

Josie Sawtell

I remember first learning about the Fabians in my A-Level Government and Politics class. At the time, I remember feeling inspired by the group’s commitment to transforming society and believing in hope.     140 years on and we need this hope more than ever. As a teacher in inner city London, I see young people being neglected by the Government every day. The Government has given up on the generation of tomorrow. It is maybe because of this, I see young people hopeless about their future, about our supposed liberal democracy.  

The Young Fabians have therefore never been more important. We need to reach out to communities nationwide, to empower and inspire, ultimately transforming British Politics.  

Joe Smallman

The Young Fabians was a welcoming first step into getting involved with the Labour Party for me, and it should be so again. With it’s relaunch, YF must take forward lessons from the past to become a fully inclusive organisation with a relentless focus on providing space for policy discussion and networking for young people on the left. If elected, I will strive to make this vision a reality while galvanising the energy of our members to make a real difference in the campaign for the first Labour government in 14 years.

Luca Stingone

I joined the Young Fabian’s aged 17, eager to develop my political understanding and engage with policy discussions. The opportunities to learn, listen, and debate have been invaluable to me, and I hope this will continue long into the future. 

However, it is my belief that without a diverse, morally upstanding, and authentic leadership team, we will fail to implement the changes asked of us by fellow Fabians. Speaking to members, it is clear that there is a keen appetite for change. With your support we can bring our goals into actuality, taking them much further than whiteboards and paper.

Sharne Eliza Wood

I’m standing for election to the Young Fabians Executive Committee as an active member of the society for the last few years. I believe the importance of advocating for the needs of our members is truly paramount with the values of our society, and if we are failing to include every member, then we aren’t doing what we set out to. There should be no one specific group within us who fill every space – everyone deserves a seat at the table, and therefore it is concrete that when we show up for those who feel voiceless, we show up for everyone. I want to help revolutionise the youth movement in the Fabians Society and inspire a new generation of energy and creativity amongst youth political culture. 

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