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A six point plan for Labour

In the four decades I have spent following politics, one thing I have learned is that, when all else fails, it is worth telling the truth.

This is not meant to be a slick or flippant remark; rather it recognises something...

The Coalition and Universalism

This report analyses data from the 1970s to the 1990s for 11 OECD nations and shows that, counter-intuitively, welfare systems which are tightly targeted to low income groups tend to reduce poverty less. A system’s success in poverty reduction is instead related to the overall amount of expenditure.
By Andrew Harrop
January 2012

Punishment and Reform

To inform the conclusions of the Labour Party policy review, this collection brings together a group of experts from across the criminal justice field to investigate reform.
Edited by Sadiq Khan
December 2011

Winter 2011

The economy's broken - with new polling showing public appetite for a fairer, more sustainable capitalism, the Fabian Review explores how we might fix it.

Homes for Citizens

In this Fabian Ideas pamphlet, Vidhya Alakeson, Richard Capie, Kate Green, Brian Johnson, Matt Leach, Nick Raynsford, Duncan Shrubsole, and Rebecca Tunstall focus on the crisis in British housing policy.
Edited by James Gregory
November 2011

Water Use in Southern England

This research explores people’s sense of fairness with respect to household water use in order to identify ways of building public support for actions to preserve water supply.
By Natan Doron
October 2011

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