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Labour’s Fightback: Changing Britain by 2020

The policies recommended in this report form a radical manifesto for the left, although one still bound by fiscal and economic reality.


In the last 18 months the Labour party has announced a wide range of eyecatching policies. No longer can critics claim that the party has nothing to say. But many of those announcements are ‘doorstep’ pledges designed to win Labour the next election and perhaps give a flavour of what the party will do with power. This package is an essential building block, but it is not sufficient.

Next the party needs to set out plans for how it will seek to change the underlying structure of Britain’s economy, society and government. In other words, Labour needs to embrace a five year programme of government that will leave Britain a different, better country by 2020.

This report sets out 12 policy proposals which are large enough in scale to collectively set a new course for the nation. If implemented they would create a clear rupture with the policies and priorities of the coalition and prove that voting Labour makes a difference.

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Andrew Harrop

Andrew Harrop is general secretary of the Fabian Society.


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