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Europe's left in the crisis

In the times when our values are overshadowed by fear and greedy individualism, it is crucial to restore hope in them and to place them at the core of a new social contract. This book is a collection of groundbreaking, constructive thoughts on how to achieve that.
Edited by Sunder Katwala and Ernst Stetter
March 2011

The Vision Thing

On the day of the ‘election that never was’, this Fabian Freethinking Paper argues that Gordon Brown must define his vision if he is to win another term in office.

"The Prime Minister can powerfully rebut the charge that his government...

Family Fortunes: the new politics of childhood

The children's agenda is central to Labour's distinctive vision of government, and can help shift the centre ground of British politics by making a new popular case for state provision.

But the authors in this collection warn that building a genuinely...

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