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Next Generation Europe

The pro-EU argument needs to spell out the practical benefits of the EU. This means addressing the insecurities of young people around job losses and immigration, whilst at the same time demonstrating what the EU brings to their day-to-day lives.
Edited by Sofie Jenkinson and Ed Wallis.
May 2013

Remaking the State

This collection of essays looks at the big policy questions Labour needs to answer if it is to win power again.
Edited by Sofie Jenkinson.
February 2013

Beveridge at 70

The Beveridge report is a reminder that it is possible to imagine and realise visionary yet practical reforms, even in times of crisis and severe financial constraint. The left should celebrate how much of Beveridge’s legacy lives on - and feel inspired by Beveridge’s example to seek out comprehensive solutions to today's challenges.
Edited by Sofie Jenkinson and Ed Wallis.
December 2012

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