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Book review: A sense of solidarity

Harriet Harman’s autobiography gives an insight into a sisterhood that has supported many and changed Britain for the better, writes Alison McGovern
Ask any woman who has been senior in the Labour party in recent times – and many who were...

With hope in our hearts

This may be controversial in some circles, but I have always been inspired by America.

Whilst my brother, sister and I grew up watching the Olympics listening to my dad over-enthusiastically shouting for any athlete who might rob the USA of...

Child poverty: what now?

So the House of Lords did the job that the Commons could not. Without our undemocratic, unelected friends in ermine, the Conservatives would have succeeded in their stated aim to rip up the statutory commitment to end child poverty within...

The Real Life State

We can strengthen our political discussion by understanding the moral passions that drive us and articulating them more clearly than we do now. Knowing what we stand for helps us communicate with those whose support we need - and will help us deliver for them once we've won.
By Alison McGovern MP
November 2013

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