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A New Collectivism: The Future of Trade Unions

Caroline Flint MP, Anna Turley MP, Sue Ferns and Antonia Bance discussing the challenges facing trade unions and the innovations they need to thrive. Organised by the Changing Work Centre – a joint research initiative from Community and the Fabian Society.

1997, women and Labour - 20 years on

The 418 Labour MPs elected in 1997 kicked out a Tory government. The 101 of us who were women also transformed our politics. Until that election, parliament had been a largely male preserve and that distorted public policy. We had...

Childcare: Ensuring a good start in life

Early years education was unfinished business from previous Labour governments and putting in place a high quality, comprehensive service was one of the great achievements of our last term in office.

In their two decades, the Thatcher and Major governments had...

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