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How Ilford North was won

It’s past three in the morning on May 8th. Numb shock has replaced the disbelief that greeted the terrible exit poll showing the Conservatives headed for victory. For the past five hours my fellow campaigners and I have sat in...

Fifteen for 2015: Wes Streeting – Honesty is the best policy

In politics, is it where you’ve come from or where you’re going that counts? Too often politicians are judged or even dismissed out of hand for coming from a certain background.

Those that don’t fit the mould ‘don’t have what it...

Fifteen for 2015: Steve Race – Socialist of the south-west

Few MPs deserve to be kicked out of parliament more than Hugo Swire. The Conservative representative for East Devon was recently caught on camera by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme joking that benefit claimants could afford to donate thousands of pounds...

Fifteen for 2015: Emily Brothers – A catalyst for change

Fifteen for 2015: Emily Brothers – A catalyst for change

Emily Brothers understands the value of solidarity. At the age of 10 her eyesight started to fail. Her home city of Liverpool did not have the facilities to provide the surgery...

Fifteen for 2015: Jess Asato - One of our own

The Young Fabians are proud to call Jess Asato one of our own. A long-standing member of the executive committee and Chair in 2003/04, Jess continues to support the organisation that became her first political home to this day- speaking...

Fifteen for 2015

Labour’s strength rests with its people. The Tories have their millions of pounds from the City, but Labour has tens of thousands of living, breathing activists spreading the gospel of a more equal society door to door, letterbox to letterbox.


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