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Cost Cutters

This report sets out how the UK can address the poverty premium and make markets work for low-income families. It sets out the scale of the poverty premium before looking at the reasons why markets, regulators and the government fail families. We identify a number of recommendations to help people to keep more of their money in their pockets and rebuild financial security for all consumers.

Seeking green solutions

Green issues are creating more concern than ever before with action needed across a number of fronts. We know the government must act now, but what should this look like in practice? Stephanie Hilborne, Alan Whitehead MP, Noga Levy-Rapoport and Farhana Yamin weigh in.

Double vision

ALAN WHITEHEAD MP: A Labour government would look both outwards and inwards to tackle climate change.

Warming reforms

THERESA GRIFFIN MEP: Steps are being taken to tackle energy poverty across Europe and the UK must play an active role, now and post-Brexit.

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