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A feminist foreign policy

Sweden is the first county in the world to champion a feminist foreign policy. The country has a population of 10 million people and is one of Europe’s biggest donors of foreign aid. It is also among the top five...

Equal pay day: The real cost of motherhood

It's equal pay day - from today, women will effectively 'work for free' from today until the New Year - 57 days in total and three days longer than in 2013.

Statistically more women than men now attend university in the...

Riding the New Wave

This year, spurred on by social media and the effects of the recession, a new wave of feminism is continuing to gather strength at an impressive pace. Over 200,000 signatures have now gathered on the No More Page 3 petition...

Adonis report should address the innovation gender gap

As Lord Adonis publishes his regional growth review today, it is very good news that Labour will devolve responsibility from central government for the spending of at least £6bn a year on transport, housing, welfare and infrastructure to boost regional...

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