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Capital Ideas: Social Responsibility and the Marketplace

If there is a core to the Miliband project, it is surely the vision of a more responsible, productive and equitable form of capitalism. The limits of New Labour’s approach – to abandon the search for an alternative political economy and...

A Convenient Truth

Since the 1980s, progressive politics has been rudderless. Having lost its vision of how to create a qualitatively better society for everyone, radical politics has lacked idealism, a sense of purpose and the ability to inspire. As a result, politicians...

Labour's Britain: The case for more public ownership

Tony Blair portrayed himself as a non-ideological, pragmatic leader whose mantra was that he supported ‘what worked’. Unfortunately this wasn’t true.
During the debate on the privatisation of air traffic control he told me, in a private meeting, that however strong...

Human rights should be as important as trade for UK foreign policy

Back during his first few months in Number 10, David Cameron committed to “a more commercial foreign policy”, “placing our commercial interests at the heart of our foreign policy”. But to what extent is this compatible with the foreign secretary’s...

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