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Gender equality

SADIQ KHAN: As populism rises, gender equality risks ‘going backwards’

We need a new legally enforceable right to justice: final report of Bach Commission

Over the past two years the Bach Commission has heard from well over 100 individuals and organisations and found cuts to legal aid have created a two-tier justice system where the poorest go without representation or advice. In its final report, the commission calls on the government and other political parties to ensure minimum standards on access to justice through a new Right to Justice Act.

Jenny Jeger Prize 2017

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Jenny Jeger prize for writing 2017

Book review: In a new land

Lovers And Strangers: An Immigrant History Of Post-War Britain by Clair Wills, Allen Lane, £25
“That young man in the double-breasted suit and snapbrim trilby, grasping the handrail of the ship at Tilbury Dock, those girls in their crisp summer dresses…”

Staff team

The Fabian Society has a staff team based in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh

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