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Stop taxing periods. Period

What products and consumables do you consider essential to maintain a decent standard of living? I’m guessing that exotic meats such as horse, ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo wouldn’t make it into your top ten (or even cross your mind). In...

Gender flips: Will role reversal help us reverse sexism?

Laughing out loud is not my usual reaction to feminist activism, but Leah Green’s gender flip video for the Guardian, inspired by stories from Everyday Sexism, had just that impact. Green approaches men and repeats lines that women report have...

International Women's Day: Let's talk Europe

Today is International Women's Day, and my thoughts turn to the great benefits 'social' Europe has brought to women in Britain.

The European elections are looming ever closer, and David Cameron says he wants to renegotiate the deal with Brussels. We...

Man made: Norway's success with women on boards

During the research for our book ‘Man-Made’ about women and power in Britain (see the autumn 2013 edition of Fabiana)  John Edmonds and I kept hearing disparaging remarks about the 40 per cent Quota Law in Norway.

But despite its controversy,...

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