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Fifty years on: Harold Wilson’s lessons for Ed

By the time Ed Miliband came into the world on Christmas eve 1969, Harold Wilson had been prime minister for five years, at the helm of only the second-ever majority Labour government. Fifty years on from Wilson’s first election, what...

Review: The Blunders of our Governments

The Blunders of our Governments by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe, the result of four years research, is a major contribution to the discussion around some of the domestic legacies of both the Thatcher/Major and Blair/Brown governments.

The authors seek to...

Lords reform is an opportunity, not an obstacle

The upcoming Scottish independence referendum has placed the UK’s constitution in the spotlight. If Scotland votes no in September, we should seize this opportunity to holistically re-examine our country’s structures of government, tie up the odd ends left by asymmetrical...

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