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Labour and the devolution debate

Less than a year from now Scottish voters will have decided whether we want to remain part of the UK or whether we will have voted for independence.

While opinion polls suggest that people remain unconvinced by the arguments of the...

The referendum game

Despite recent difficulties the European Union is a great success.  Many others in the Balkans, in Turkey and Eastern Europe still aspire to join us.  Why should that be if it was the unmitigated failure portrayed by Europhobic politicians?

In the...

Review: The Confessions of Gordon Brown

The first and most pressing thing to say is that Ian Grieve’s portrayal of Gordon Brown is uncannily, scarily, astonishingly lifelike.

I don’t mean Grieve does a good impression of Gordon Brown, or an amusing caricature. I mean it’s like Gordon...

How to future-proof the union

There is a year to go until the Scots vote on whether to remain in the UK. What is increasingly clear though, is that a ‘no’ vote would not be the end of the story – with all three unionist...

All of our business

We know what we are against, but what are we for? Ed Miliband struck a chord with many people when he contrasted the evils of ‘predatory capitalism’ with the virtues of ‘productive capitalism’. Almost all of us hate the banks’...

Why it matters: Shaping the educational landscape

When Labour returns to power in 2015 they will inherit an education service that is fractured and competitive. Michael Gove's great experiment will leave a legacy of individual and chains of academies, free schools, trust schools, maintained schools and everything...

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