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The gulf between politician and practitioner

The NHS is arguably the greatest gift that the Labour movement gave the British people and its destruction is a betrayal of the English nation.

Since 1945 the United Kingdom has enjoyed a national health system free for all at the...

The challenges of a changing NHS

In the wake of the Francis Report into the shocking failures at Stafford hospital, it's not an easy time to talk about Labour's vision for the NHS. Of course we love the NHS - that is as true as the...

Thinking beyond incarceration - justice and mental health

In Britain today mental illness significantly increases one’s chances of imprisonment and impacts disproportionately on the most vulnerable.

A paradigm shift in Labour justice policy is needed, moving away from policies of containment to preventing citizens with mental health problems drifting...

The path to the best care

Last week, Andy Burnham outlined Labour’s vision for a ‘whole person approach’ to patient care as the foundation for the future of health care under the next Labour government.

Under the stewardship of the last Labour government the NHS began the...

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