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Equal aspiration: The London test

When Aneurin Bevan died in 1960, a Conservative MP wrote in the Evening Standard that his passing reflected the Labour party’s failure to respond to a changing social reality: “In the coalfields from which he came, Marx and Engels have...

The case for child benefit

George Osborne has his sights on child benefit. Yesterday, challenged repeatedly, he refused to rule out scrapping the benefit and merging it into means-tested universal credit.

He could hardly do otherwise, while also claiming he can find £12 billion in benefit...

The Inequality Election

Politics is fragmenting and it seems another inconclusive election is before us. The established Westminster parties have failed to find an answer to public disenchantment, as people say ‘you’re all the same’. But this year the choice between a Labour...

A new public realm: Notes from urban India

For anyone with a feel for recent British history, it was a heart-breaking scene: a brand new estate of social housing blocks, sat on the edge of city. The residents newly ‘decanted’ miles from their jobs and social networks, with...

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