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Back to Earth

We are facing a democratic deficit of startling proportions.

Across Europe, electoral turnout has been on a downward trend for decades and membership of a political party is dwindling compared to the post-war era. In the UK, only 44 per cent...

Ever closer union?

The Labour party was formed to be the voice of ordinary working people in parliament; the unions the voice of ordinary working people in the workplace. We have had different challenges through the ages and we have not always acted...

Giving 'one nation' meaning: Interview with Alastair Campbell

One of the biggest talking points in Labour circles last month was Alastair Campbell’s return to Labour. Following a leaked memo, it was confirmed that Campbell has joined Ed Miliband’s advisory election team in the run up to 2015. Campbell...

2014, Labour's year of...Party reform

We face an enormous struggle to get rid of the present lousy administration in less than 18 months time so the last thing the Labour movement needs is to spend precious time navel gazing. Sadly we are committed to doing...

Top five lessons from 2013: Politics

1.  The Westminster Village still misreads polls
Try as the Mike Smithsons of the blogosphere might, the Westminster village continues to obsess over the lack of consistent double digit poll leads by Labour. And yet the fact is that Labour’s lead...

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