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Review: One Nation: Power, Hope, Community

‘It’s all about power.  Who’s got it.  Who knows how to use it’  - Buffy Summers

Reading through the essays in ‘One Nation: Power, Hope, Community’ it's clear that Ed Miliband's concept of one nation not only aims to set out...

Invest in the future

This morning’s Financial Times has a big story on the decline in US public sector capital investment, including some eye-catching graphs. The article reveals that US gross investment has fallen to 3.6 per cent compared to a post war average...

2030 Vision and disability

On Wednesday Sue Marsh reviewed ‘2030 Vision’ and called into question the approach the Fabian commission took to supporting disabled people.

Our report has two time frames: it looked at the first few years of the next parliament; and at the...

Raise the minimum wage

Today I am leading a debate in parliament on the future of the national minimum wage - perhaps the most durable legacy of the last Labour government. Growing up in Glasgow, the real-life experiences of people paid less than a...

A response to 2030 Vision

Last week, eagle-eyed welfare warriors spotted ‘2030 Vision’ by the Fabian Future Spending Choices Commission, an independent analysis of where spending priorities – and indeed cuts – should fall until 2030.

A lot of the report is good. I agree with...

Students as citizens

Labour is at an exciting juncture in its schools policy. Most recently, the party has confronted some of the absurdities of the free schools policy and advanced its own alternative of parent-led academies. What these will look like is the...

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