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Citizen central: What Labour can learn from cooperative councils

February was the month when senior Labour figures began to set out a new vision for public services. Speeches by Ed Miliband and Jon Cruddas sketched their proposals for a radical redistribution of power from central government to individuals, communities...

Sustainability: How to improve local bus services

Although growth has finally returned to the economy, millions of families are feeling no recovery at all as they face huge pressure on household budgets. We have set out Labour's plans to deal with rip off prices in the energy...

Back to Earth

We are facing a democratic deficit of startling proportions.

Across Europe, electoral turnout has been on a downward trend for decades and membership of a political party is dwindling compared to the post-war era. In the UK, only 44 per cent...

England expects: Localising skills provision

We ended last week’s essay with a nod to the English deal’s potential to chime with the responsible capitalism agenda. We touched upon the themes of partnership, Business Improvement Districts, social value and sustainability. But responsible capitalists have a meaningful...

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