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Homelessness: a co-operative solution

With the Co-Operative party celebrating its centenary this year, Wayne Simmons looks at how co-operative approaches can be employed to address a social injustice close to his heart: homelessness.
It’s Christmas Day, 1998, and I’m surrounded by Belfast’s homeless. The first...

Winning hearts and minds

Health and council leaders need to work harder to get the public involved, writes Richard Vize
The NHS has always struggled to find the right relationship with patients and the public. Clinicians and managers know that listening to local communities and...

A view from the campaign trail

The Copeland by-election and the battle to save West Cumberland hospital
There is a mighty battle going on just now in Copeland during the parliamentary by-election, triggered when former MP Jamie Reed resigned. Labour has held the seat since the 1930's and...

Under the microscope

The Stoke Central and Copeland by-elections
By-elections are a strange beast. They are an ‘event’ for parties and the media and fun for political anoraks, but their impact on the narrative usually far outweighs their electoral significance or predictive value. In...

A strong message

Labour's Copeland campaign taps into local feelings, writes John Woodcock, MP for neighbouring Barrow and Furness
A February by-election in Copeland is not what any of us in the Labour party wanted, not least because it means we are losing a...

The Copeland campaign

Bursting the Westminster bubble
“Oh, just go and knock on some doors in Copeland”.

This thought has often crossed my mind in party meetings and at conferences over the six years since I moved “down south” from West Cumbria. It would normally...

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