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2014, Labour's year of...Childcare

2014 is a proud anniversary for Labour and childcare marking the 10 year anniversary of our groundbreaking 10 year childcare strategy in 2004.

Labour is the party of childcare and early years. Our record stands for itself – investment in the...

Our London

One of my earliest memories is sitting at the front of the top deck of the 44 bus with my brother Tariq as it wound its way from Tooting in South London, to Battersea and across the Thames. We’d spend...

Fabian question time: Your top tweets on the Autumn Statement

At the start of this week, the Fabians held a debate in partnership with Reform, debating 'What should the Chancellor do in this year's Autumn Statement?' In an online Fabian Question Time, we asked our Twitter followers the same question, and here are some of the best tweets:

Tory MPs are disregarding our unwritten constitution

For a party whose members often pride themselves on being defenders of the UK’s unwritten constitution, it is surprising how Conservative MPs have recently shown little regard for conventions - some of which were considered so important as to be...

How to build a one nation state

The idea of ‘stewardship’ is a Fabian riposte to the recent (mis)characterization of its rich tradition of democratic collectivism as the embodiment of the evils of ‘big state’.

State collectivism, with its national purview, long-termism and sense of agency, must have...

Mental health matters to all of us

Mental health is still treated completely differently from physical health. To ensure mental health sits at the heart of the whole person agenda, politicians must lead the way in helping to destroy taboos, and underpin changing attitudes by law.

When I...

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