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Making our representatives more representative

Over recent years parliament has become dominated by a political class, the dominance of which has helped to put people off politics. They see Westminster as being divorced from real life, and they believe – often correctly – that the...

Listen, campaign and be an active part of local communities

The analysis of the 2010 general election showed a very strong correlation between the level of contact with voters and the result. There was also a very strong positive correlation between the result and having a local organiser. That’s why...

Lib-Dem Conference: Adonis raises the stakes

Earlier today a panel of leading Labour and Liberal Democrat voices debated the nature of pluralism in our politics. The Fabians and Centre:Forum asked, is the future plural? Lord Adonis, Ming Campbell, Jon Cruddas and Jo Swinson all said yes,...

Obama 2012: get it done

Explaining the ‘08 to ‘12 change

In 2008 the mantra within Senator Obama's campaign for staff and volunteers alike was "Respect - Empower - Include" . In 2012 a fourth word has been added: "Win".

This change serves as both metaphor and...

For the Public Good: Our vision for public services

Under the guise of ‘reform’, this government is making sweeping changes to our public services. David Cameron says that state structures will be dismantled, “brick by brick” and will no longer be the default provider of public services. In the...

Next State: Cast your vote

As part of the Fabian Society's Next State programme, we asked a number of politicians, policy makers and Labour thinkers to suggest one idea for reforming the state that would be emblematic of Labour's new statecraft.

You can see all of...

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