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Is the future plural?: Fabian membership poll results

Last year the Fabian Society conducted a poll of its membership and asked if Fabians thought Liberal Democrats were ‘potential partners’ or ‘enemies’. It found an almost even split within our membership, with 44 per cent saying partners and 56...

Why the left offers more to green philosophy

Roger Scruton is someone you want to like. Anyone who writes on the philosophy of wine, on the nature of beauty, and on why conservatives should care more about the environment (as he does in this book) seems an affable...

Turnout trouble?

For those of us who are passionate about democratic participation, the recent turnout in the London elections was disappointing. At 38%, turnout was marginally better than in 2004, but significantly less than the level of 45% reached in 2008.

Of course,...

Labour must be more ideological to win the next election

The Fabian Society's new project ‘Labour’s Next Majority’ - introduced in the recent Fabian Review - is to be applauded.  The importance of a Labour Government being returned soon is beyond dispute as the current government looks and is divided, incompetent...

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