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Welcome to... The Department for Transport

In Maria Eagle’s hands, transport has become a battleground policy area in the run-up to 2015. As her successor Mary Creagh takes over as the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, London-based civil servants and MPs opening postbags in the...

The badger cull is no cure

And so it begins.

After an odyssey of Homeric proportions through the UK legal system, the coalition's Godzilla style rampage though England's green and pleasant land continues with a new enemy: the badger. This cull is a jackhammer blow to biodiversity...

The last of the one nation Tories

He might not know it, but Matthew D’Ancona is – at least if you are a Labour supporter – one of the most dangerous men in Britain.  That’s because, along with other journalists like Danny Finkelstein, Ian Birrell, and Peter...

Labour's New Towns: Lessons from Milton Keynes

Renewed interest in house building is an important aspect of boosting construction in a post-recession in economy. The drop in construction in the 2008 period was marked, yet it did not tell the whole story of Britain’s modern relationship with...

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