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Five things we learned about the economy in 2014

1.       This is a new kind of recovery
When is a recovery not a recovery? This year the UK’s growth has taken off in a way quite unlike the aftermath of previous recessions.

Your view of the performance of the economy in...

Labour’s next state: the five big questions

Time flies. The terrible defeat of 2010 feels like yesterday, but suddenly Labour’s 2015 manifesto is just two years away. The good news is the party’s policy debates have energy and vigour, but so far there’s a lot more diagnosis...

Family values

Rachel Reeves has quickly garnered a reputation as a rising star since her election to parliament in 2010. With government cuts hitting women the hardest, Mary Riddell speaks to the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury’s and finds her response...

In defence of the Environment Agency: the truth about flooding

Behind the current government infighting over who is responsible for responding to the flood crisis lies the wettest winter for a century. This record rainfall is not an isolated incident: in 2012 we had a drought followed by the wettest...

Is our civil service fit for modern politics?

Historically, Labour has never really bothered much with the state – in a conceptual rather than a practical political sense that is. The Attlee, Wilson and Blair and Brown governments got on with big changes to the constitution, including Whitehall,...

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