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Women At Work: Gendered Experience and the Changing World of Work

Discussing the challenges that face women in the world of work and what policies are required to address these and ensure greater gender equality in the workplace. Organised by the Changing Work Centre - a joint research initiative from Community and the Fabian Society.



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Join us to discuss the challenges that face women in the world of work and what policies are required to address these and ensure greater gender equality in the workplace.


Stella Creasy MP (Walthamstow)

Kate Green MP (former shadow women and equalities minister)

Baroness Margaret Prosser (former deputy general secretary, Transport & General Workers Union)

Chair: Kate Dearden (research and campaigns officer, Community)

Work is changing rapidly through innovation and technological change but women are still being left behind. Discussions of the changing nature and form of work often ignore or diminish the gendered aspect of the individual’s experience. Women remain consistently overrepresented in low-paid work as well as in part-time and temporary employment. Recent reporting suggests that 78 per cent of companies still pay men more than women. If women are paid equally and given greater opportunities to participate in the economy, the benefits would extend beyond individuals to society and the economy as a whole. Estimates put the economic cost of gender discrimination at £123bn of lost output per annum – addressing these issues is smart economics.

Companies, government and unions must work together to ensure that, as the world of work changes, steps are taken to eradicate the gender pay gap, eliminate gender discrimination at work, and to ensure women are empowered to enter and succeed in the new economy. The changing world of work presents risks, but also provides an opportunity for policy makers to deliver the transformative change needed to end gendered disparities in the workplace.

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Stella Creasy MP

Stella Creasy is the Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow.


Kate Green MP

Kate Green is the Labour MP for Stretford and Urmston and was chair of the Fabian Society 2016-18.


Baroness Margaret Prosser

Baroness Prosser is a Labour peer in the House of Lords and former deputy general secretary of the T&G.

Kate Dearden

Kate Dearden is research and campaigns officer at Community union. Kate is also the former national chair of Labour Students.


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