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A general election is on the way – and not a moment too soon. The Fabian society will stand side by side with Labour, writes general secretary Andrew Harrop



The moment has come. With the announcement of a general election on 4 July, the Fabian Society stands shoulder to shoulder with Labour as a proud affiliate of the party.

This will be a generation-defining election. As in 1945, 1964 and 1997, the British left offers the change for which the nation is yearning. Now it is time for Labour to earn the people’s trust.

Every single Labour prime minister has been a Fabian and if Labour wins in July Keir Starmer will join their ranks. Keir was a Fabian before he was elected to parliament, and served on our executive committee. In 2021, he wrote The Road Ahead, a Fabian pamphlet setting out his vision of a fairer, more secure and prosperous Britain, built on Labour values.

The Fabian Society has helped shape Labour’s policy programme in the run-up to this election. Last Autumn we published Plans for Power: Fabian ideas for transforming Britain, which compiled some of the most important ideas the society has developed and championed in recent years. It is a ‘mixtape’ of our best proposals, from early years to pensions and from the future of work to public service reform. With Labour in power, they could become reality.

Fabians have been shaping the left for 140 years. We stand by Labour in this campaign and we will support the next Labour government to transform Britain. The next chapter in our shared history starts now.


Image credit: Keir Starmer via Flickr

Andrew Harrop

Andrew Harrop is general secretary of the Fabian Society.


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