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Labour’s Next Majority: A constituency guide

The national political picture matters hugely, but never underestimate the importance of well-organised local campaigns in affecting the result of a constituency election. This is a step by step guide to running a scientifically targeted and organised campaign.


Labour’s Next Majority: The 40% strategy, published in 2013, set out Labour’s pathway to victory in 2015 with Labour building a new coalition of Labour loyalists, Lib Dem converts, a few Conservative defectors and a chunk of returning non-voters.

This new report goes into more detail on how Labour party organisers and campaigners can work, constituency by constituency, to implement this strategy in practice.

Touching on media, canvassing, community campaigning and fundraising, as well as using a candidate’s time most effectively, the report is a point-bypoint manual for winning parliamentary elections.

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Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts is a former deputy general secretary of the Fabian Society.


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