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Win, lose or draw, Labour needs to keep changing

Politics has changed dramatically over the last five years. The coalition, the collapse of the LibDems, the rise of UKIP, the Greens and the SNP; all of this, plus voter anger towards the traditional parties has created a challenging environment...

More than passengers

Transport provides a prime opportunity for a reforming Labour government to put its rhetoric into practice, devolving power and trusting citizens. The result should be transport policy that more accurately reflects both the needs and wishes of Britons.
By Marcus Roberts
November 2014

Revolt on the Left

Labour's answer to the UKIP challenge must engage on matters of policy, message and organisation alike.
By Marcus Roberts, incorporating research from Rob Ford and Ian Warren
October 2014

The politics of rebuilding Britain

By listening to the needs of local people and gradually earning their trust, a new and genuine partnership can be built between the private sector, the state and local communities.
By Marcus Roberts
August 2014

Labour's Next Majority

The national political picture matters hugely, but never underestimate the importance of well-organised local campaigns in affecting the result of a constituency election. This is a step by step guide to running a scientifically targeted and organised campaign.
By Marcus Roberts, with a foreword by Sadiq Khan
June 2014


Campaigning is continuous, faster, online and more democratic - and people-to-people engagement is more important than ever.
Edited by Marcus Roberts
April 2014

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