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Civic Socialism

A new agenda for arts and culture

A rich cultural life in our villages, suburbs, towns and cities can help us make sense of the world around us.
By Ed Wallis
August 2016

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Changing work

Progressive ideas for the modern world of work

The first publication from the Changing Work Centre, a joint initiative by the Fabians and Community trade union exploring progressive ideas for the modern world of work.
Edited by Yvette Cooper MP
July 2016

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Summer 2016

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on how a continent, country and party were pulled apart, with Ruth Davis, John Denham, Andrew Harrop and Duncan Weldon, plus Conor Pope interviews Angela Eagle.

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A Unique Contribution

Reducing budget deficits and tackling inequality with a one-off wealth tax

A one-off levy for the super-rich would help tackle growing inequality.
By Nick Donovan
June 2016

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The message from the marginals

Labour’s performance in the English local elections of 2016

Local election results show there is no room for complacency for Labour.
By Lewis Baston
May 2016

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Future Left

Can the left respond to a changing society?

This collection of essays bring together voices from the UK and EU to look at where next for the left in a fast-changing world.
Edited by Andrew Harrop and Ed Wallis
April 2016

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Productive Purpose

Investment, competitiveness and the new economics

A coherent economic strategy that increases productive investment and improves competitiveness would enthuse those eager for change without departing from mainstream economics.
By Bryan Gould
April 2016

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Argument or organisation?

The battle over membership of the European Union

This report presents the main findings and conclusions from a Fabian Society and GQRR poll which explored attitudes and arguments about the referendum campaign.
By Olivia Bailey
April 2016

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Spring 2016

Fabian Review

The forthcoming spring issue of Fabian Review outlines new opportunities for transforming attitudes to welfare and new approaches to tackling poverty. With Andrew Harrop, Olivia Bailey and Alison McGovern.

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The ABC of Chairmanship

The bible of the Labour movement for over 75 years

Since it was first published in 1939, The ABC of Chairmanship has been routinely recommended to aspiring trade unionists by their general secretaries, and Labour party chairs often suggest delegates use it. 
By Walter Citrine
Reprinted in 2016

The Greatest Divide

Discussion paper

The gap between rich and poor is set to rise even further by 2030 - but there is nothing inevitable about this polarisation.
By Andrew Harrop
December 2015

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Winter 2015

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review previews a crucial year for the future shape of the nation. With Nick Forbes, Ivan Lewis, Jonathan Rutherford and Sarah Sackman, plus Mary Riddell interviews the shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

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Outward to the World

How the left's foreign policy can face the future

Today's left needs to unite around a new internationalism.
Foreword by Hilary Benn MP and introduction by Mark Leonard
December 2015

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Practising What We Preach

Women and the Labour party

The first of a new diversity series looks at what Labour needs to do to improve the representation of women.
By Olivia Bailey
December 2015

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The Tax Detox

Winning public consent for radical tax reform

Tax is not inherently unpopular, and it is possible to win public consent for reforms which are becoming imperative.
By Daisy-Rose Srblin
December 2015

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Making the case for public spending

A Touchstone Extra publication

This report published by the TUC and commissioned from the Fabian Society sets out how public investment will lay the foundation for future growth and prosperity.
By Robert Tinker
November 2015

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Hungry for Change

The final report of the Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty 

The government must do more to ensure households on low incomes have access to enough good quality food.
By Cameron Tait
October 2015

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Autumn 2015

Fabian Review

This issue of Fabian Review asks how Labour should do the job it has been elected to do this time: oppose the first majority Conservative government of the 21st century. With Ruth Davis, Tess Lanning and Helen Hayes MP, plus an interview by Mary Riddell with Chuka Umunna MP  on life after Corbyn.

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