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Autumn 2011

As Ed Miliband celebrates his first year as Labour leader, the Fabian Review Conference Special asks what he needs to do across the next 12 months to make Labour the party offering the winning formula in 2015.

Summer 2011

As the Labour Party begins to regroup after a painful election defeat, the Fabian Review looks at what went wrong, what went right, and how to move on.

Spring 2011

The spring Fabian Review looks at why things are getting worse for women under this government and sets out some new campaigns for gender equality

Winter 2010

The Fabian Review's New Year Conference special examines some of the big questions Labour needs to ask itself during this process, on its route back to power.

The Labour Leadership

As part of the Fabian Society's work during the Labour Leadership contest, we commissioned all five candidates to write Fabian Essays. We then asked each of them five short questions which were submitted by Fabian members and contributors online.

In the...

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