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The Tax Detox

Tax is not inherently unpopular, and it is possible to win public consent for reforms which are becoming imperative.
By Daisy-Rose Srblin
December 2015

Tax for our times

Tax reform needs to be put back in the hands of the many and this collection offers perspectives on reimagining tax for modern times.
Edited by Daisy-Rose Srblin
August 2015

Tax for our Times: how the left can reinvent taxation

The UK’s tax system isn’t fit for purpose and specialists across the board agree on the need for reform.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies’ Mirrlees Review provided a comprehensive evaluation of the tax system, stressing its complexity and arguing that there...

Fabian delegates explore Labour's 2020 challenge

Despite the sombre context, this summer’s Fabian conference was full of strong ideas for how the left might go forward. And while our speakers promoted a range of options, our delegates also had the chance to express their ideas for...

Memos to Ministers: Department of Culture, Media and Sport

Just as in May 2015, culture was at the heart of an incoming government in 1997. That year, real political change after eighteen years of Conservative rule was reflected in the spirit of ‘cool Britannia’, a prevailing sense that what...

Unanswered questions on devolved healthcare in Manchester

As the media was excited this week with news of Staffordshire plans for a £1.2bn sell-off of patient care without proper consultation, the worry that the NHS is increasingly heading towards privatisation feels very real.

However, privatisation is not the only...

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