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At the helm

CIARAN DRIVER & PETER KENWAY: Labour's embrace of active industrial strategy can count on widespread support, including from businesses. But the details may need further thought - and labour interests must be included, argue Ciaran Driver and Peter Kenway

A little dry

SIMON RADFORD: Local government pension fund reform may not be exciting, but the consequences of failure could be significant

Silent majority

JONATHAN BIRCH: A commitment to animal welfare is one of the strongest signs politicians
can give that they are on the public’s side

Winning friends

As Labour’s envoy to British business, it’s up to Jonathan Reynolds to get employers onside in the fight against low wages and sluggish growth. They’re friendlier than you might think, he tells Kate Murray

Taxing times

FREDERICK MICHELL: Labour should put the global minimum corporation tax reform front and centre of its fiscal plan

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