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The transformation of work must support good mental health - Fabian Society report

21 January 2019

Job insecurity, prejudice and ignorance are driving Britain’s workplace mental health crisis, according to a new report from the Fabian Society.

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Primary teachers reveal a huge decline in arts education since 2010

11 January 2019

A new Fabian Society report Primary Colours reveals that two thirds (68%) of primary school teachers in England say there is less arts education now than in 2010, and half (49%) say the quality of what there is has got worse.

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Human rights abuses under EU extradition rules must stop with Brexit - Fabian Society report

18 December 2018

A new Fabian Society report, published as Brexit negotiations reach a crunch point, calls for a new UK-EU extradition framework which ensures respect for human rights.

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Reform fiscal rules to raise spending and boost the public sector

23 October 2018

A new Fabian Society report, published ahead of the 2018 Budget, calls today for a comprehensive change in direction for UK fiscal policy.

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The public reject a distant relationship with Europe – Fabian Society/FEPS research

11 October 2018

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer calls for a broader Brexit debate.

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For The Many?

22 September 2018

New analysis of parliamentary constituencies in England and Wales has revealed that Labour’s support has been rising for years in big cities but has dropped in the most working class seats.

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