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Spring 2021: Fabian Review


This edition of the Fabian Review looks at a modern relationship between Labour and the unions, featuring Angela Rayner MP, Christopher Massey, Gloria Mills, Kate Dearden, Shelly Asquith and more. Plus, Scottish Labour’s new leader Anas Sarwar talks to Vanesha Singh about the fight ahead.

Also in this issue, Sadiq Khan lays out his capital values; Stephen Kinnock MP on the power grab in Myanmar; Kehinde Andrews unmasks the logic of empire in our politics; Paula Surridge on the possibility of rejoining the EU; and Marc Stears on Labour’s progressive patriotism.

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Long read

Local heroes

9 July 2021

MARC STEARS: The real lives of ordinary people, not flags and Rule Britannia, should inspire Labour’s progressive patriotism today.

Continue reading Labour party / History

Blood money

25 June 2021

KEHINDE ANDREWS: The logic of empire still governs our politics.

Continue reading Race / Inequality / History

Aiming high

4 June 2021

UMA KAMBHAMPATI: We need a post-war approach to target inequality.

Continue reading Inequality / Race / Health

Small doses

21 May 2021

HEIDI CHOW: Wealthy countries must end vaccine apartheid.

Continue reading Inequality / International relations / Health
Long read

Make or break

19 May 2021

The relationship between Labour and the unions has been crucial since the party was first founded. But is this historic alliance now under threat as never before? Christopher Massey takes a look.

Continue reading Trade unions

Sound of the suburbs

17 May 2021

RUPA HUQ MP: Our suburbs have been overlooked for too long.

Continue reading Inequality / Labour party

Never say never

5 May 2021

PAULA SURRIDGE: Rejoining the EU is still a distant ambition.

Continue reading Brexit

Q&A with Sadiq Khan

28 April 2021

In the run-up to May’s election, London mayor Sadiq Khan answers questions from the Fabian Review.

Continue reading Elections

Dividing Lines

26 April 2021

Scottish Labour’s new leader, Anas Sarwar, takes on the job just weeks before crucial elections. He talks to Vanesha Singh about the challenges ahead.

Continue reading Scotland / Labour party

Kate Murray

Kate Murray is the editor of the Fabian Review.


Vanesha Singh

Vanesha Singh is a former assistant editor at the Fabian Society.


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