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Winter 2021: Fabian Review


This edition of the Fabian Review considers why women need a Labour government, featuring Harriet Harman MP, Rosie Campbell, Kudsia Batool, Kelly Grehan, Catrin Hughes and Amreen Qureshi. Plus, an interview with Tracy Brabin, mayor of West Yorkshire, on making women’s safety a priority.

Also in this issue, Hilary Benn MP on our relationship with Europe; Stewart Lansley on breaking Britain’s high inequality, high poverty cycle; and Verene Shepherd on Labour and the global reparations movement; Ed Turner and Davide Vampa trace the recovery of German social democracy.

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At all costs

24 January 2022

KUDSIA BATOOL: We must not rest until a fairer economy and workplace equality are won

Continue reading Women / Employment / Inequality

In focus

20 January 2022

KELLY GREHAN: There is a direct link between domestic abuse and suicide which cannot go ignored

Continue reading Women / Justice
Long read

Leading the way

18 January 2022

We campaign for better representation in politics. But what difference do women politicians actually make? ROSIE CAMPBELL investigates

Continue reading Women / Elections / Inequality
Long read

Phoenix from the ashes

17 January 2022

Not so long ago, there were fears that Germany’s SPD faced electoral wipeout – but now its candidate has become chancellor. ED TURNER and DAVIDE VAMPA chart the party’s road from despair to victory and consider whether it holds lessons for Labour

Continue reading Elections / European Union

Centre stage

12 January 2022

TRACY BRABIN is the first woman to be elected as a metro mayor. She chats to Kate Murray about her top priorities in office, from safety for women and girls to standing up for the north

Continue reading Women / Inequality

Kate Murray

Kate Murray is the editor of the Fabian Review.


Vanesha Singh

Vanesha Singh is the assistant editor at the Fabian Society.


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