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The Jenny Jeger Prize 2022

The winners of the annual Jenny Jeger prizes for writing have been announced.



The annual Jenny Jeger prizes for writing published by the Fabian Society have been awarded.

Thom Brooks took first prize in the long-form reports category for his pamphlet New Arrivals, which sets out a new immigration plan for Labour combining competence and compassion. It represents, in the view of the judging panel, the outstanding Fabian publication of the year.

Second prize was awarded to Josh Abey, a former senior researcher at the Fabian Society, for his report Bridging the Divide, which documents the extent of digital inequality in the UK and proposes three new ‘digital entitlements’ to tackle digital exclusion.

In the Young Fabians category, Milo Barnett and Hollie Wickens won first prize for their 60th Anniversary project, a collection of essays exploring the history of the Fabian Society and its youth wing from the late 20th century to the present day. An essay featured in that collection, Ciara Garcha’s Socialist Imperialism and the Fabian Colonial Bureau, won second prize.

Anne Longfield won first prize in the short-form category for her article Primary Concerns, which appeared in the edited collection Prescription for Fairness. Second prize was awarded to Oly Durose for his piece Mutual Aid, which appeared in the Spring edition of the Fabian Review.

The Jenny Jeger prize is organised to commemorate Jenny Jeger, a life-long Fabian who chaired the society in 1984.



1st prize: New Arrivals by Thom Brooks

2nd prize: Bridging the Divide by Josh Abey


Young Fabians:

1st prize: the 60th Anniversary Project, edited by Milo Barnett and Hollie Wickens

2nd prize: Socialist Imperialism and the Fabian Colonial Bureau by Ciaran Garcha


Articles and short pieces:

1st prize: Primary Concerns by Anne Longfield

2nd prize: Mutual Aid is Forever by Oly Durose


Image credit: LSE Library, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

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