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Equal access

LINDSEY MACMILLAN and JAKE ANDERS: Reforms to school and university admissions could transform the life chances of disadvantaged children and young people

Summer 2023

This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on how to make Britain a better place to grow up in, with contributions from Lindsey Macmillan and Jake Anders, Tommy Gale, Ben Cooper, and Sylvia McNamara. Plus, John Healey MP stakes out Labour’s defence credentials in conversation with Iggy Wood.

The wrong lesson

JANE PRINSLEY: Far from being a quick fix for teacher workload, ready-made resources threaten lesson quality and school autonomy. Teachers need protected planning and collaboration time instead

A Fairer Path

ELOISE SACARES: Labour should put the tuition fee debate to one side. Maintenance loan reform would deliver more to those who need help most

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