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The Fabian Society has a staff team of 12 based in London and Edinburgh.

Fabian Fringe at Labour Conference Tuesday: LIVE BLOG

1945: It's amazing how quickly a mood can shift in politics; or perhaps more specifically in the bubble of a political conference. But there's no doubt the view that Ed's speech was a triumph is hardening among Labour members and...

In the media

The Fabian Society offers expert analysis and comment on a range of contemporary policy issues facing the left. Take a look at our recent media coverage.

A future chancellor needs flexibility

The political pressure for Labour to accept George Osborne’s spending envelope will be intense. In a new essay from the forthcoming Fabian Review magazine, General Secretary of the Fabian Society, Andrew Harrop, explains why its crucial Labour should resist the political pressure...

Fabian Society mourns death of Jo Cox

Andrew Harrop, Fabian Society general secretary said:

The Fabian Society is devastated to hear of the tragic loss of our friend Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen. Our thoughts are with Brendan, their children and all her friends and...

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