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Autumn 2019: Fabian Review


This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on the battle for the souls of the Labour and Conservative parties with contributions from Zubaida Haque, Paul Mason, Rosie Duffield MP, Rosena Allin-Khan MP, and Daniel Johnson MSP, plus Kate Murray talks to Stella Creasy MP.

Also in this issue: Ali Milani on challenging the prime minister, Wayne David MP on the first conscientious objector to be elected to parliament, and Tulip Siddiq MP on education inequality.

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The next big idea

4 November 2019

MARJORIE KELLY: The seeds of a democratic economy are growing invisibly around us.

Continue reading Democracy / Economy / Inequality

Unfinished business

28 October 2019

ROY KENNEDY: The next Labour government must be ready to devolve real power to the English regions.

Continue reading Democracy / Devolution / Labour party
Long read

Goodbye to borders

24 October 2019

NANDITA SHARMA: A world without borders might seem like an impossible feat, but it is the only way to truly protect the rights and liberties of working people.

Continue reading Class / Immigration / Human rights / Inequality

A council house renaissance

21 October 2019

DANNY BEALES: Redistribution is at the heart of building the new generation of council housing.

Continue reading Class / Housing / Inequality

The age of alliances

16 October 2019

ROSIE DUFFIELD MP: For the sake of the country, Labour must team up with other parties.

Continue reading Elections / Labour party
Long read

Real belonging

15 October 2019

ZUBAIDA HAQUE: What does being British mean? The answer to that question is very different depending on the colour of your skin.

Continue reading Class / Conservatives / Democracy / Human rights / Inequality
Long read

Sweet moderation

9 October 2019

RICHARD CARR: Tony Blair and Bill Clinton walked the third way in politics together. Their records should be defended.

Continue reading Elections / Foreign policy / International relations / Labour party

Change makers

3 October 2019

If we work together, the public and politicians can transform lives for the better, Stella Creasy tells Kate Murray.

Continue reading Brexit / Labour party / Women

Taking on the PM

2 October 2019

ALI MILANI: Diverse voices are mobilising to disrupt the political order.

Continue reading Class / Conservatives / Democracy / Elections / Labour party
Long read

Totalitarian Toryism

1 October 2019

PETE DOREY: The Thatcherites have won the battle for the soul of the Conservative party and that has led to an identity crisis far more profound than the one facing Labour.

Continue reading Conservatives / Elections

Kate Murray

Kate Murray is the editor of the Fabian Review.


Vanesha Singh

Vanesha Singh is the assistant editor at the Fabian Society.


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